Singapore Trip 9th-22nd Dec 2010

After 10 years, since dad leaving, i finally renewed my passport and fly out from Malaysia!!

though it means nothing for others out there but it means a lot to me.. because my very last oversea trip was with my dad.. so u can imagine right?

**okay.. stop emo-ing**

alright, this time was a long trip as i’ll be able to stay at my sis place.. otherwise i wont go there for so long cause will bankrupt!

first n foremost, i met mummy!! hahaha.. miss her sooooo much.. she seems slimmer n older bit..

but as long she’s healthy, i guess that’s alright..


tried this Katong Laksa. My mum gave very good response for this.. should try it..

and this otah-otah, found at the same place.. thumbs up too!

next we have the must-go place “Sentosa Island” – the Universal..

unfortunately we cant get into the Universal due to tickets sold-out..

ur trip to sentosa island wouldn’t be complete without visiting “Candylicious”

met up my dear Xinyi in Singapore which is out of my expectation!

met up with my Joanne too!! long time no see already man..

and we accidentally bumped into Jessica, and so this picture is the outcome!

the other purpose that i stay in Singapore for so long is to wait for my dear Grace n her family..

a good friend of mine since primary school..

we also met up with Patricia to have a little gathering..

we just cant stop laughing when we are together..

most of the time im the listener, n the other 2 will talk..

our one n only group photos..

i guess that’s the summary for the trip..

for more pictures, please kindly visit my facebook.. hehe..

i enjoyed my trip so much that i do not wish to come back to Malaysia..

but what, im here now.. and i got to go back to my uni soon.. sad!!




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