Singapore Trip 9th-22nd Dec 2010

After 10 years, since dad leaving, i finally renewed my passport and fly out from Malaysia!!

though it means nothing for others out there but it means a lot to me.. because my very last oversea trip was with my dad.. so u can imagine right?

**okay.. stop emo-ing**

alright, this time was a long trip as i’ll be able to stay at my sis place.. otherwise i wont go there for so long cause will bankrupt!

first n foremost, i met mummy!! hahaha.. miss her sooooo much.. she seems slimmer n older bit..

but as long she’s healthy, i guess that’s alright..


tried this Katong Laksa. My mum gave very good response for this.. should try it..

and this otah-otah, found at the same place.. thumbs up too!

next we have the must-go place “Sentosa Island” – the Universal..

unfortunately we cant get into the Universal due to tickets sold-out..

ur trip to sentosa island wouldn’t be complete without visiting “Candylicious”

met up my dear Xinyi in Singapore which is out of my expectation!

met up with my Joanne too!! long time no see already man..

and we accidentally bumped into Jessica, and so this picture is the outcome!

the other purpose that i stay in Singapore for so long is to wait for my dear Grace n her family..

a good friend of mine since primary school..

we also met up with Patricia to have a little gathering..

we just cant stop laughing when we are together..

most of the time im the listener, n the other 2 will talk..

our one n only group photos..

i guess that’s the summary for the trip..

for more pictures, please kindly visit my facebook.. hehe..

i enjoyed my trip so much that i do not wish to come back to Malaysia..

but what, im here now.. and i got to go back to my uni soon.. sad!!





Holiday.. Here i come~~


it’s holiday!!

did not post a blog  for a long long time!! and i guess the next time i blog will be about my trip to singapore on coming thurs..

i just cant wait for it..and will surely take as much pic as i can to let all of u see k?

im wondering, how many of u will see this post? since i’ve abandoned  this blog or so long??

anyway.. take care guys.. will be back here soon!! maybe 3 weeks later!!

i’ll try to post as soon as i got nice nice pic!!

take care!!

lastly, can anyone teach me to use this wordpress?

does this wordpress connect to any writer like space used to be?

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

!Adeline is back!

wow!! it was really a super duper long long ago since my last post..
and i got lots of complaints from frens for not updating my blog..
hereby, Adeline sincerely apologize on the delay!! wuahahahahaha..

during this 3 months, i went back to my hometown for a month,
came back to tanjung malim for my second semester..
till now I’ve finish all my assignments n midterms..
waiting for the final which will be on the April!

now let’s update with my latest look..
which is the actually the activity that we got to organized in order to accomplish the course..

simyee, myself, n teng

simyee.. the sdk girls! hahaha..


the committees..

next.. a recent visit to Pizza Hut, Tanjung Malim!

i love this pizza.. EXTREMELY!! if you’re a cheesy lover, try this please.. you wont regret!!

went with the 2 so poh again.. hahaha..

that’s all for now!
will upload again..
hopefully i wont feel lazy to do so!


Holiday, Here it goes~!!


yeah.. finally, after 5 months, once again, IM HOME!!’
long time did not update my blog..
so i’ll just roughly update a bit!!

Jee Jin’s 20th Birthday..
on 11th November 2009, we celebrated Jin’s birthday before we all went home after exam..
Jin with the Super Moist Cake!
not as nice as the one i found in sdk lo..
anyway, Jin, we sincerely hope that you enjoy ur birthday with us..
Happy Birthday!

Genting Trip 19-20.11.2009
this time i went there with coursemates..
group pic!

at the bar.. forget the name!!


still conscious after clubbing.. no worry!!

ling and I.. thank you so much for making this trip a successful one!! thanks Ling!!

see you guys next sem!! take care!!

Have a great trip!! tired!! but having lots of fun!! miss you all!!

**the end**

Revision Break..

after all the lectures and tutorials..
time for revision before the exam comes!
and i’ve decided to leave tanjung malim and go to subang again!
since all my frens were not around, what for i stay..
plus, FOOD is a big problem to me..

As i promised my mummy i will really study during this break..
and i did it..
i spent most of my time in SS15 Station 1…
not going to post more on this..

In order to release my tension, we went to sing K again!
wei keong, kenneth, adeline, jaye
the 3 guys..
my new fren.. wei keong..
pls meet my  sister, Jaye.. hahahaha..

other than singing K, this time I tried something new..
first in my life time having steamboat at the road side?

the group pic..
the couple


浩然 勇康
巧仪。。my new fren.. ah jie!!
everyone is helping to carry the tables and stools out for steamboat!!*macam buat projek moral* hahaha..

this time i had a chance to drive a kenari!!
it’s wei keong’s car actually.

till here~
heading back to my books!!

The End of the First Semester

Time flies!!!!
never thought that yesterday was the last day for my very first semester in my uni’s life..
so let’s rewind back my memories in this sem!

im glad that i found a group of frens here in UPSI..

They are Ling, Teng, Kar, Meimei, Simyee, Jeejin, Fanny and I!!
thanks gals for always being so supportive!!

and she is always my best pal in UPSI! she is Ling!

This year, most of us cannot go home for mooncake festival.. and so we had a small celebration among ourselves!

we tried altogether 7 flavours of mooncake this year!

sometimes, we do spend our money “wisely” which will make our wallet thinner~ anyway, happy moments… so NVM!!!

we had fun during merentas desa!

And here are all the group pictures with various lecturers.

THE English for Communication 1 Class (AQ) with Miss Aina~

游老师 – 马来西亚华文教育发展史

许老师 – 中国文学史

黄老师 – 华语语音与正音
there are 90 of us in the class so i guess you can hardly spot me out.. hahaha…

besides, i also did join the church in tanjong malim..
act cute!!

and reverend always serves us with the best home-cooking food that i can find in tanjong malim.. *warm*

that’s all by now..
what come next will be my exam..
gonna utilise my revision well enough!!

All the best, friends!!